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The Cities

Outremont is a borough of the city of Montreal Canada located along the slopes of Mount Royal, near the campus of Université de Montréal. A highly residential neighborhood, Outremont is known for the beauty of its imposing old homes, as well as trendy bakeries, cafés, and bistros. It has a city park named after Oakwood. It has a population of around 23,000; an area of 3,86 km² which makes it the smallest of Montreal's boroughs.

The town of Outremont was created at the end of the 19th century on the initiative of a federal politician named Beaubien, who used barns and others farmer buildings to reach the minimum number of houses required at the time to have the status of city. It remained a small agricultural town for some time until the arrival of the Clerks of St.Viateur. They decided to subdivide, anticipating the expansion of Montreal into the suburbs.209 Pictures of Outremont can be found on the website http://www.imtl.org/montreal/borough/Outremont.php

Le Vésinet is located about ten miles west of the center of Paris, France, nearly surrounded by a loop of the Seine River. Under the Second Empire, the Duke of Morny, half-brother of Emperor Napoleon III, purchased the land which is well served by what is now a major railroad link to the Metro transit center (the first French line linking Paris to Pecq since 1837). Pallu & Co., headed by the man who would become the first Mayor of Le Vésinet, acquired the land, 436 hectares of forest, from the State in 1856-57. Leaders decided to create from scratch a "park city", designed by a landscape architect, Count Paul de Choulot. Choulot made Le Vésinet what it is today, with its five lakes connected by small rivers and broad lawns. The first lots were sold in 1858 and leaders established very strict specifications, intended to preserve this unique setting. The population increased rapidly, and Le Vésinet was officially established in 1875.

 Le Vésinet became a "listed" city in 1934, and protective measures (such being listed in an inventory of historical monuments ...) have helped to preserve this unique example of French landscape urbanism. Many celebrities have taken up residence in Le Vésinet, seduced by its exceptional quality of life, including musicians (Bizet, Fauré), painters (Vlaminck, Utrillo), writers (Robida, the philosopher Alain), and the "stars" (Josephine Baker ); Today the city covers 500 hectares and has about 17,000 inhabitants (Vésigondins). Visit  Le Vésinet's web site: http://www.levesinet.fr

Unterhaching is the second largest municipality in the district of Munich in Bavaria, Germany.

The name "Haching" comes from the family name "Hacho" and the aristocracy of the Hahilinga. The name Haching is first recorded in a document from the Schäftlarn monastery in the year 806, left by the abbott Petto. Therefore, Haching is hundreds of years older than Munich.

The name "Unterhaching" (lat. inferiori hachingin) emerges for the first time in the year 1180 in a possession listing of the bishop of Freising (Freesing).

Up until the 1803 secularization, the surrounding monasteries were the primary landowners in the area. Also derived from this is the municipal coat of arms, which today shows the abbott staff of the Schäftlarn monastery and the sea-rose sheet from the coat of arms of the monastery Tegernsee. Unterhaching began the 20th century as purely a farming village. In 1955 Unterhaching split from Ottobrunn and became an independent municipality.

In 1968 the building of two new large housing estates began, "Grünau" and Fasanenparks, which began the development of the City into a modern housing development.

The number of inhabitants has exploded to 20,545 in 2000.

Regional Sister Cities


    Chemnitz, Germany    
    Kiryat Ekron, Israel 

    Bad Zwischenahn, Germany    
    Waterloo, Canada 

    Cordoba, Mexico 

    Gifu, Japan    
    Gifu, Japan    
    Kharkiv, Ukraine   
    Liuzhou, China    
    Munich, Germany    
    Nancy, France    
    Taipei-Hsien, Taiwan 

    Alexandria, Egypt    
    Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    
    Bangalore, India    
    Brasov, Romania    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Cleveland County, United Kingdom
    Conakry, Guinea
    Fieri, Albania
    Gdansk, Poland
    Heidenheim, Germany
    Holon, Israel
    Ibadan, Nigeria
    Klaipeda, Lithuania
    Lima, Peru
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Miskolc, Hungary
    Rouen, France 
   Segundo Montes, El Salvador
    Taipei Municipality, Taiwan
    Volgograd, Russian Federation
    West Mayo, Ireland 

Colerain Township
    Fasangarten, Germany
    Munich-Obergiesing/Fasangarten, Germany 

    Ahmedabad, India
    Dresden, Germany
    Genoa, Italy
    Hefei, China
    Herzliya, Israel
    Odense, Denmark
    Seville, Spain
    Tainan City, Taiwan 

    Augsburg, Germany
    Holon, Israel
    Monrovia, Liberia
    Oiso, Japan
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Huber Heights
    Dover, United Kingdom
    Rheinsberg, Germany 

    Dudince, Slovakia 

    Kettering, United Kingdom
    Steyr, Austria 

   Harima, Japan 

    Neuilly-Plaisance, France 

    Le Vesinet, France
    Outremont, Canada 

    Ile-Ife, Nigeria 

Saint Marys
    Awaji City, Japan
    Lienen, Germany 

    Delmenhorst, Germany
    Londrina, Brazil
    Qinhuangdao, China
    Szeged, Hungary
    Tanga, Tanzania
    Toledo, Spain 
    Toyohashi, Japan 

    Lichtenfels, Germany
    Prestwick, United Kingdom 

    Lengerich, Germany
    Sayama City, Japan 

    North Berwick, UK 

    Tralee, Ireland


    Bernburg, Germany
    Luchou Township, Taiwan
    Posoltega, Nicaragua
    Santa Clara, Cuba
    Kawachinagano, Japan
    Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom
    Kurdjali, Bulgaria
    Osnabruck, Germany
    Tochigi-Shi, Japan
    Billericay, United Kingdom
Fort Wayne
    Gera, Germany
    Plock, Poland
    Takaoka, Japan
    Bexbach, Germany
    Kakuda, Japan
    Campinas, Brazil
    Cologne, Germany
    Hangzhou, China
    Monza, Italy
    Piran, Slovenia
    Taipei Municipality, Taiwan
    Pfaffenweiler, Germany
    Ota, Japan
    Newburgh, UK
    Cittadella, Italy
    Nova Prata, Brazil
    Daito, Japan
    Serpukhov, Russian Federation
    Vincennes, France
    Wasserburg, Germany


    Carrickfergus, United Kingdom
    San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic
    Tahara, Japan
    County Kildare, Ireland
    Deauville, France
    Newmarket, UK
    Shinhidaka, Japan
    Jiujiang, China
    La Plata, Argentina
    Leeds, United Kingdom
    Mainz, Germany
    Montpellier, France
    Perm, Russian Federation
    Quito, Ecuador
    Tamale, Ghana
    Ballymena, United Kingdom
    Yangshuo County, China
    Nisshin, Japan
    Olomouc, Czech Republic
    Olomouc Kraj, Czech Republic
State of Kentucky
    Jiangxi Province, Chin